Samantha Mathias
Model: Samantha Mathias

Shooting with Samantha Mathias

It was a warm late summer, end of September and my photography agenda was empty. I suddenly had a call from my friend Josh Triggs from 3MI Photography.

He said a Playboy model from Florida was coming and that I was an idiot if I didn’t shoot with her.

Booked one hour but I was thinking, this being my first time with her so I would like to meet and see what we can work together.

I regret I didn’t take a two hours slot but at the same time, I am grateful that I could end up working with her.

Sam is of Greek descendant, she was born in Florida and travels all around the world as a freelance traveling model. She books photoshoots with local photographers and Josh happens to be a good friend with a Studio.

If you aren’t making some mistakes, you aren’t taking enough chances.

John Sculley

By Chances I mean opportunities to work with different traveling models. Be open to their creativity and be prepared with a set of your own ideas for the shoot. Share those ideas with the model, keep good communication. let her know what you are expecting. That can help a lot setting the right expectations and achieving what you are paying for.

The Mirror!

Lately I have this fascination about using mirrors in my shoots, the theory is more about filling the frame. That mental frame is always invisible. With a mirror you fill your background and it creates an effect in the brain telling you that the image is complete.

Samantha Mathias
Samantha Mathias – Professional Model
Samantha Mathias
Samantha Mathias – Professional Model

My preference

I prefer to use high aperture for shallow depth of field and there are some aspects of nudity that may not want to make relevant in the picture. The brain interprets the image as something more complete. For most of my images. I used a 70-200mm with a NDx8 that allowed me to bring my aperture to f/2.8 with strobes. Josh has an excellent set of Paul Buff “Einsteins”. I could use all the light I needed and in top of that use some yellow gels for my background.

Personally I am not a fan of using Photoshop. I consider that I have to do a better job as a photographer. Preparing my subject and using a good MUA. Shooting with quality and good light, that way I don’t have to cover for mistakes on the picture.

The career for Photoshop users, is called digital artist and I am not such.

From the beginning of my photography, I have been working hard trying to take better pictures. That way I can avoid editing.

A picture should come out perfect out of the camera.

If it needs retouching, it should be minimum and for that purpose you have light room.

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