Model: Colbie Elisabeth Carden

One more trip to the beautiful Gatlinburg, I had a lot of things to do that day, first had to drive to a photo shoot in West Virginia and then drive down to TN crossing Virginia from North to South, not bad I started around noon and by 9 PM was arriving to the cabin.
Upon arrival got to meet a couple of the models who were already at the cabin, my host introduced me to my room and I unloaded all my equipment almost immediately, they were having a drink and something to eat so I joined them and made myself a sandwich, i was feeling like home, besides that it was my first photo shoot in TN after a couple years and I was on the mood to make the best out of it.

Colbie Elisabeth Carden

I am not into nudity but I shoot nudity, meaning that I am not seeking to shoot nudity with each model I meet but if it is offered I definitely take the shots and capture their beauty, I don’t know to you as a viewer but for me as a photographer the human body is a piece of art and the maximum expression of that art comes in the form of a female figure.
Each model needs time to break the ice, specially when shooting with a new photographer, they don’t know me and I don’t know them but I am there to work with them and patience and good manners help along the way, that combined with a good sense of humor and professional behavior.
A model is there to present her figure and combined with good guidance and experience in posing she will help you create amazing image which is the key purpose of doing these kinds of events in photography, that combined with the camaraderie time and fun of sharing this passion for photography are few of the things that makes us all take those long trips and arrive with good mood ready to meet new people and create great images.
Time is not free, for models or for photographers, compensation is always there when comes to time and having the option to work with a model, I pay all my models, experienced or not, I paid them because that way I make sure they have the incentive to keep doing this job and is a great presentation point when comes to word of mouth advertising.

Some photographers get mad and tell me “You are spoiling them, they are not ready” I kinda agree but this is my business strategy and that gives me that little advantage in front of the rest that probably is what makes them mad.

Colbie Elisabeth Carden

Model: Colbie Elisabeth Carden

She is a young model, Born in the beautiful state of Missouri, she is 21 and she has an spectacular figure and height, perfect attitude and long lasting stamina to the point that she never hinted that she was tired of bored during the entire photo shoot, we had her for almost half a day that Sunday, non-stop shooting different images from Boudoir to implied nudity including artistic nudity, it was great working with her.
The best place to find her work is on Instagram.

She is going to be in Las Vegas March 23-29 at one of the top events for models and photographers, I don’t doubt she will rock the place with her look and class.

Going back to our work it was mostly at the cabin, we had a creek to work but I hate to get wet when is cold outside, I remained indoor most of the time, there was a lot to do inside of the house.
For this event we were 3 photographers and 5 models, something simple, fun and classy.

Colbie Elisabeth Carden

I am not the kind of photographer that does much retouching of his work, I shoot with good light and sharp so I don’t have to go around retouching my work, my main working tool is Lightroom and I make sure I shoot all my shots in RAW format, that way I can work digitally with the nearest thing to a film negative.

Personally I like her look on this picture, you can see that half smile slightly showing her beautiful smile and a straight posture with dropped shoulders, she looks relaxed, flirting with the camera, I used a big soft light in front no additionally side lights, wanted to get some shadows and make it a very palatable picture mixing the green of the foliage outdoors and that blue mesh cover that hints a beautiful body underneath.

Colbie has an objective, she clearly said that she wanted to be a Playboy model and I think she finally got her wish this 2020, I love to see models evolve into the best they can achieve, it’s amazing and they deserve it, the active span of a professional model is 18-25 , some can do it a little bit longer but to achieve stardom that is the best age range, I know there will be many people that disagree with me, I don’t bother challenging them, at the end this is what I think not a rule or law and I can live with my thoughts.

Colbie Elisabeth Carden

Softbox and Lights!

Colbie Elisabeth Carden

For this shoot I used a Paul Buff softbox and an AB-800, not the best of the market but really good strobes.
It’s a secret that portrait, product and commercial photographers have long known: the value of using a softbox in their studio photography.

In its essence, a softbox is nothing more than a light modifier.

A softbox diffuses the light into a pleasing soft, even light. When used properly, it reduces harsh shadows. The closer the softbox is to the model or subject, the softer the light appears, emulating window light. The shape of a softbox can vary from rectangular to octagonal to square to a long strip of light. A softbox is comprised of translucent cloth and attached to a light source (usually a studio strobe or speedlight) on a light stand. The cloth, white or silver for the interior and black for the exterior, is wrapped around a wire-framed box covered over the front with a diffusion panel. The black exterior prevents light from spilling out and reflecting back in the studio.

Colbie Elisabeth Carden

The light emanating from the strobe or speedlight is bounced around the fabric box and scattered in all directions inside the box. The sides of the box direct the light outward. The light flooding out of the box is evenly distributed from top to the bottom of the box. Softboxes come in a variety of sizes from small hand-held attachments to large wall-size modifiers. Smaller softboxes are more portable than their larger counterparts and are therefore great for on-location shoots.

But whether you haul out a large softbox or opt for a smaller, more portable one, the area of coverage is generally about the same size (assuming, of course, that the light modifiers are the same distance from your subject). There is about a 1-1.5 stop falloff on the sides as the light wraps around your model. The sweet spot for softboxes is generally about six feet away from your model or subject.

But why have different sizes? It’s all about the quality of light. Large softboxes cover a broad area with undefined shadows. Medium sized softboxes provide slightly harder shadows. And small softboxes throw off harder and well defined shadows in the background. Often a grid or egg crate is attached to the front of a softbox (usually with Velcro). This accessory, which looks like a honeycomb, gives the photographer a little more control over the light with a narrower focus on the subject and less spillage on the background.

Because of its variety of shapes, a softbox is considered a workhorse in the studio. The traditional rectangle shape can be used with a main light source or a fill light. A strip bank is great for a hair light, and an octobox works like a charm as a key light.

A tipoff that a softbox was used in a shot is the shape of the catch lights in the eyes of the model. A rectangular softbox creates square catch lights which look like the light was coming from a window. An octobox will create round catch lights which look more like the light is coming from a natural light source (like the sun).

Colbie Elisabeth Carden
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