It was a beautiful autumn day, had this photo shoot planned for quite a while with my friend Rebecca Lawrence. She is a traveling model and constantly visits the DC Metro area.

Rebecca Lawrence

Rebecca is based in NY and you can find her on Instagram, where she has more than 55 thousand followers and she is very active producing new images for his fan base.

Work Scope!

This photo shoot didn’t have an specific theme, I wasn’t working on any editorial requirement so it was just fun.
I had a two hours drive to Bunker hill WV where my friend Josh has his studio and she arrived soon after, while waiting for her arrival I managed to put my lights in position, for the first scene I prepared a chair in front of two lateral soft-boxes and an overhead circular soft box with counterweight, that gave me enough space to shoot under and beautiful catch-lights on the iris of the model.

Light Settings

Rebecca Lawrence

All images here presented are straight out of camera.

You will notice how good she looks without any retouching.
I worked with 3 lights from Paul Buff, Einstein 640 and two AB 400 to lit the background.

On the camera I had a Tamron 70-200mm on a Canon 5D Mark II.

Depth Of Field

To get a shallow DOF, I used a NDx8 this means a reduction of 3 F Stops from the f/16 that I set my lights to a f/2.8 using minimum ISO.

You have to be careful when using shallow depth of field, not to put the eyes in different planes, if you do, this will affect one of them taking it out of focus.

My distance to the model allowed me to put her eyes in different planes and still got the DOF I was pursuing for this shot.

Not everything in photography has a photography explanation, one of those things are related to the look of female figures and the next title will explain.

Curves and sexy looks!

Rebecca Lawrence

Implied nudity is an abstract, the model is not exposed and this makes her look very sexy.

Men rate women as most attractive when they have a waist size that is 60 to 70 percent of their hip size, psychologist Devendra Singh found in a series of studies.

In more than a hundred other studies, men all over the world, including isolated groups unexposed to modern media, prefer a similar shape.

Neuroscientist Steven Platek found that viewing women with curvy figures stimulates a powerful pleasure centers in men’s brains that are targeted by addictive drugs.

Model: Rebecca Lawrence

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