Britney Brooks

Britney Brooks, Super Model

Britney is a wild card, she is one of the most creative models I’ve had the opportunity to work with, she works on her own time, give her some lead space, she builds that momentum and shows up ready to deliver a fascinating time in front of the camera, I really enjoyed working with her and I am sure most of you are going to be interested in following her work, find it here on instagram.

We were having some early coffee getting ready to start the day, she comes on her pijamas gets herself a good mug of coffee and I could not avoid grabbing my camera and started snapping some shots, usually models like to be prepared, makeup and all the stuff, I’d rather use the candid moments and capture that raw beauty whenever available, she didn’t bother, she kep smiling to my camera and we really clicked really well.
I look forward to working with her in the near feature, if I can make it to Georgia to shoot with her.

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.

Pablo Picasso

Creativity and posing

Britney Brooks

Photo from the back for a mysterious effect:

This pose has become a classical one in nude photography when the model stands back to you. This way you can emphasize her back. It allows a girl to be mysterious and flirty, without feeling herself too uncovered, of course when comes to acting Britney can put a show.

To add more individuality to the photo, you can ask the girl to give you a back-cast glance and carefully put her hands on the triceps.

In my case Britney comes with her own ideas of what she wants to display and I let her flow to the point that I notice something that can be captured and then I suggest her an specific direction and keep the flow, amazing team partnering to produce stunning pictures and have fun at the same time.

Choose the right lens

The lens specifications for professional nude photography may be different. Everything depends on a model and a photographer. Nevertheless, I like to use 35 or 50mm lenses. This is a rather popular choice among nude and portrait photographers.

Such lenses are usually smaller than zoom lenses, so they are less intimidating for your model. Also, they give good proportions and help take close-ups or shoot different parts of the body.When photographing nudes, it is not always necessary to ask the model to be completely naked. Sometimes you can add various details to create a stunning composition. These special details should fit the color gamut and the general idea of the photo shoot as well as add a special touch to the photo covering the intimate places.

You can use books, musical instruments, large chairs, flowers, feathers or light fabric of pastel colors.


Britney Brooks

If a model doesn’t want to show her face, then a nude photographer should add anonymity to the pictures. It is possible to hide her face using shadows, props or asking her to turn away from the camera.

Also, you can shoot the model’s body without including her head in the frame. The lack of a face in photos often adds some mystery. It is difficult to explain why, but such type of pictures is also less controversial and explicit.

The purpose is not to show a naked woman, the purpose is to show art in the display of her body, I’d rather use black and white with high contrast on most of my nude pictures to avoid exposing too much of the lady and keeping it classy and artistic, if you like something different then you are more into porn than artistic nudity.
Most models who work the freelance world of artistic nudity keep a bush to make the view of their parts more appealing, I am neutral to this and consider it a model preference, at the end is her look the one that will get displayed and I consider that her choice is important at that point.

There is no better feeling for a photographer than feeling her model relaxed, that point is where you can interact with her and exchange ideas, at that point she is comfortable with you, she has managed to trust your work and she feels calm to concentrate in the production of images rather than her look or if she is doing something wrong, most models tend to overthink situations and assume that something is not right all the time when the truth is that the photographer is just waiting for her to stop worrying so they can flow with the production of images.

Britney Brooks

Going back to Britney it was really easy working with her, she came to the room we chatted for a bit and then she went directly under the lights, most of the pictures in this article are her ideas and I am happy she helped with the process, I liked the outcome, she knows how to pose.

She is very comfortable naked, and in control of the situation at every moment, there are things she already has in mind and she is not shy to let you know what she wants to achieve.

Social media platforms for nudity?

We live in a tricky time. Creativity comes in many forms and approaches, yet for some reason, we are still averse to things like artful nudity. Art has explored the human body since we’ve come to have a more profound appreciation for it, yet today, even implied nudes are sometimes deemed lewd or inappropriate. Nudity in photography, no matter how tastefully done, is often either frowned upon or censored, especially on social media platforms. Photography seems to be the hardest hit because of its realistic nature. If you’ve ever posted portraits with nudity involved, chances are it’s been removed no matter how tasteful or creative the approach was. You’re not alone in this.

Britney Brooks

Then, there’s the closed-door meeting at Instagram’s New York City headquarters that photographer Joanne Leah recently joined to discuss the platform’s community guidelines. She shared what went down in this meeting with Vox, particularly in an episode of the Reset tech podcast series. There, she encapsulated the rationale behind the “free the nipple” hashtag that has become the rallying cry of artists on Instagram:

“Censorship affects everybody. You know, if Instagram is telling you what kind of art you can look at or what kind of books you can read or what kind of podcasts you can listen to. Why should they be telling you that? Why? Think about that for a second. Like, there’s no reason a company, a corporation should be telling anyone what they should and shouldn’t look at, listen to and read.”

I could go on and give more examples, but I’m sure there are already tons of affected artists out there who either had some of their posts deleted or their accounts were taken down. Hence the question, is it time for nude photographers and artists exploring concepts around nudity to move on from the platform?

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