Model: Ashely Fink

I don’t really have fancy equipment, i try to get the most out of the few things I have.. Creativity is a combination and that pushes me to be creative, I do have a camera for low light which I decided to go for a Fujifilm X-Pro1, my regular Canon 5D-MarkII with a lot of shots, mechanically it may be at the end of it’s production capability and I may replace it for the same frame, I love my canon.
I do have a Nikon F-5 and a Canon AE-1, I love shooting film.

Black and white

For this shot, I used a Rokinon 85mm Prime lens, I remember I bought this Rokinon in a store in Charlottesville 10 years ago, the store had this lens for a while and it was for Nikon, they sold me an adapter and I could get the lens for $350, no bad for such a good quality glass, mounted on my Canon 5D MarkII and the light one single Paul Buff AB-800

Use your camera

Model: Ashley Fink – Black and White Digital Photography

You might already be on your fourth or fifth generation of digital camera. If that were the case, you’d be hard pressed for a reason to take your old digital camera out for a stroll. Why would you go out to shoot a 6-megapixel Nikon D100 when your D500’s battery is fully charged?

But, a film camera might be another story. Film is film and not subject to the ridiculously short half-life of digital technology. Therefore, as long as the camera’s shutter and/or the lens’s aperture diaphragm are working, you can go out and shoot a roll of film. There is something liberating about not having to worry about histograms, batteries, checking your LCD after every shot, or spending hours in front of your computer downloading and processing images after a day of shooting.

Here is a bold idea: take your film camera on your next vacation and leave your digital stuff behind. Do you remember vacation photo albums that you could show your friends?

Model: Ashley Fink – Studio: 3MI Photography

Film still has a place in the world so, just because you have been shooting digitally for months or years, don’t think that your film camera is suddenly a doorstop or a paperweight. Get out and shoot some film!

You can take great picture with old gear, you can’t take any pictures with bad lights, always use the right combination of equipment and light.

Having something newer, faster, or shinier might be just what you need in order to use your older camera and lenses for something fun.

Have you ever wanted to experiment with infrared photography? Or, have you thought about making your own homemade lens mount to affix random old lenses to your camera? This might be a great time to try something outside of the box. What about converting your old film camera into a pinhole camera? That might be a fun thing to try.

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