Shannon Prince – Professional MUA and Model

It was a planned photography event in Chattanooga TN, it all started Friday, I took the day off from my regular work and traveled early in the morning, despite traffic I made it by 2PM.
The location was a BnB house rented in a nice area with a lot of beautiful access and near the Mill which happened to be the location of interest for many photographer.
It all started when one of the photographers had a very narrow time to shoot and he chose to start with Miss Hanna, I started shooting with Miss Shannon.
There were several rooms with access to beautiful day light, days were cloudy but whoever is in photography can tell you how good of a diffusion can clouds be when comes to natural light.
Shannon is a tall woman and I don’t have to tell you how beautiful she is, you can appreciate that on your own through these images.

We shoot mostly portraits and boudoir, I didn’t go anywhere else but the house, didn’t want to spend hours standing at the Mill, back hurts.

Model: Shannon Prince

Metal Dress

This dress was made out of metal parts, shinny dress, translucent and open on one side. It looked amazing on her.

Kenny Metal Draped Halter Dress is a showstopper! Made from a delicate metal mesh, it is adorned with adjustable rhinestone straps, creating a decadent choker that can be tied around the back, or draped down the front bust. The front draped neckline can be adjusted to wear high or low. It is backless with a subtle drape, and features a rhinestone chain across the back waist. Not lined.

This dress was created by hand using a delicate metal mesh. It does not stretch or give. Pulling on it or forcing it to fit will cause it to break, therefore the recommendations are to order based on your size not what you usually wear.

Boudoir Shots

Boudoir photographers are well-versed in the different types of poses that will look great in photos. Arched backs, leg lifts and torso twists are three techniques used to achieve sexy poses, and you’ll likely spend a lot of time lying on your back or stomach. Your photographer will direct you throughout the shoot and make suggestions and demonstrations for expressions, gazes and moods to try. If you’re ever confused about how to pose, ask your photographer and he or she will typically be more than happy to show you.

Model : Shannon Prince

This was not the case with Shannon, she is a versed model with a lot of experience under her belt.

We had great natural light and light is an important aspect of a good photograph and I love to use light in a way that flatters the body of the model. With the use of light, I can create a moody or soft look, hide things I want to hide and accentuate the things you want to show off.

Model: Shannon Prince
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