The Model, the legend.

Those who have worked with her, know she is a legend, she has some of the most stunning shots in the market and I am proud that I got to meet her and had the honor of shooting with her.

Model: Ryan Leigh

Super professional model, beautiful, versatile, knowledgeable, patient, fun, these are some of the attributes I can add about Ryan.

From her instagram page we can share the next information together with a link to her page, in case you want to work with her.

Born and raised in Eastern North Carolina, I originally wanted to be a photographer.

I was learning and training with taking pictures of myself and quickly realized that I enjoyed being in front of the camera far more than behind it! 

A widow to a US Army soldier, I’ve traveled nationally and internationally and am very lucky and humbled to meet and work with the people I come in contact with. 

I’m a crazy dog mom, and I have a kitty too. 

Ten years of gymnastics experience along with four years of dance. I am now breaking into the aerial arts and can provide my own aerial rig – lyra – silks – and trapeze. 

Model: Ryan Leigh

Working with her.

I’ve worked with Ryan several times, the first time she was traveling from NC to DC and a friend photographer called me for a photoshoot in a rental house near Charlottesville,.

It was a venue for weddings and they have this beautiful room with a bed and a secondary twin bed room.
We started shooting on the main bed, the idea was to teach my friend the use of lights, specially strobes.

Light is the most important part of any photography session and your equipment has to be optimal to use this great asset.

We had a great time with the shoot, I was really impressed with Ryan’s beauty and it has not changed a bit through time, I love working with her.

My second shoot with Ryan was in DC right after her back operation, she was recovering but in great shape, we managed to nail several great pictures.

I failed to show

Model: Ryan Leigh

I could not arrive to DC for a third photo shoot but I covered my agreement and paid her the full rate for the job.

She deserves it, she is a great worker and that was the less I could do while failing to show up to my agreed photo shoot, sometimes things happen and they happen for a reason.

I have not worked with her again since 2018, definitely plan to work with her in the near future and looking for a nice opportunity or project in order to do it.

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