Brittany comes from Alabama

Very attractive blonde, blue eyes and amazing figure, Brittany is one of those models you want to plan a photo shoot from the time you meet her to the time you say see you soon!
The best way to get in her busy schedule is by contacting her on her Instagram.

Her rates are very affordable and she has a fantastic sense of humor.

She arrived Saturday at the BnB in chattanooga and we shot that same afternoon and night.

I had a few glitches with my lightning equipment, the first one was my trigger, a Paul Buff Cybercomander

I left with batteries, they leaked and shorted the commander, could not use it for this shoot and had to ask Johnny for his.

Finally I fixed that piece of American engineering and now is working like a charm.

I chose again the mesh dress, the transparency of the dress gives a touch of glamour that s always welcome in these kind of shots, Brittany has good acting and is easy to direct her to pose.

Model : Brittany

This pose can work for just about any body type.  

Not only does it slim and hide the tummy area but it elongates the chest/neck area so women aren’t worried about their double chins that we’ve all heard about.  

This is also a great pose to do when wanting to show off some arm accessories.

Popping the hip!

By popping the right hip and bringing the eyes down, it made a beautiful curve in the body, which is the “rule of thumb” when photographing a woman.  

The other great thing about this pose is the hair, whether she captured it in mid flip or had a fan on it, it makes the image move.

I wanted to do something fun for this shot, she took off the dress and switched to nudity and I requested her to through the dress towards the camera, we finally nailed the picture after some 5 attempts.

Model: Brittany

While he could’ve told his model to just stand with her back to him, he molded her into this beautiful pose.  I like that her chin is into her shoulder, and that you can see both hands up by her face and by her arm.  You can get many beautiful shots from this single pose with her eyes down, up, looking at you, away from you, and just moving around the model in this pose.  Pure elegance.


The nude figure has been a feature of art for thousands of years.

The nude appears even in prehistoric art in the form of “Venus figurines,” which featured the nude female body.

It is thought that the figurines may have represented fertility deities. You have probably already been exposed to (bad pun semi-intended) male nudes, which feature prominently in Greek sculpture and Roman art.

Classical sculptures commonly depicted “heroic nudity;” wherein gods and heroes were depicted naked, and mortals were depicted wearing clothes. Nudity was seen as divine.

These sculptures gave rise to “contrapposto” which refers to a pose still commonly used where a model stands with one leg bearing most of the body’s weight so “shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs.”

Many photographers are interested in trying their hand at female or male nude photography, but don’t know where to start. Though we live in an increasingly progressive environment, many people still feel uncomfortable with nudity, and nude photography can feel awkward to break into.

If the shoot is kept private and professional, there is nothing to feel awkward about. Whether you’re a photographer looking to take nude photography (also know as “bodyscapes”) or a model looking for nude work, we have everything you need to consider about posing, etiquette and making sure all parties feel safe, professional and respected during your nude photography shoot.

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