Ashley is an Instagram super-star, she has more than 32k follower and you can find her at her instagram page @ashleyfinkofficial.

How we started working?

I have some really good friends in this photography world, my friend Josh Triggs who owns 3MI studio in Bunker Hill WV sent me a message last year letting me know that Ashley who is a traveling freelance model was in town and ready to book photographers, I didn’t know much about her but I decided to take a look at her instagram page, I was stunned with the work and of course I wanted to work with somebody like her.

Model: Ashley Fink

I was very excited that I got to book a shoot with her, and her rates are very affordable.

As any other model, she has some specific rules for the type of work she does and she has a good contract written to protect those requirements.
I am very respectful of a model wishes and I try to communicate as much as I can, what is going to be the scope of work, what I am planning to shoot, attires, etc. planning for a shoot is 50% of the shoot somebody said, I totally agree with that photographer.

From her page you will find that her work is a combination of creativity, pasion and power, she is very fit and has beautiful her with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes.
For this photoshoot she worked really hard on the symmetry of her eyebrows with microblading, looks just amazing.


Microblading is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin.

Model: Ashley Fink
Artificial Light (Two Ring Lights)


Our set-up was simple, Bed with two ring lights and a mirror, we didn’t incorporate the mirror till the second part of the two hour session but we had a lot of fun with the rings in the mean time.
Josh mounted the ring lights on a set of rolling blades that allow then to cover any part of the bed area perfectly and allowed me to acquire this quality images.
This specific shot was

1/60 sec at f/ 4.0 ISO 400
using a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 lens

We manage to capture 1,234 pictures and so far I like the captures, there is a good selection, usually I end up with 70% usable pictures after I weed-out closed eyes, out of focus, move images and so on, not a bad result for a 2 hours work.

Picture Selection

I think this is the nightmare of every photographer, picture selection and bias go hand-on-hand, to avoid this i don’t touch the pictures for a while, 3 to 4 days, something I do the same day I shoot is backup the pictures, put then in lightroom and share some with the model for feedback, after that I clear my mind, go and do some other things and then come back to the pictures, the reason why I do this is due to bias.
I have a preference for some of the pictures I shoot that makes me lose focus about the real work so by staying away for a few days, I can come back with a clear mind and start a good selection process to end up with the best shots.

Powerful Images

These are some personal ideas, you can take them or not, however this is what I think.

The notions of beauty and sexiness are socially constructed, The woman is not only sexy because she is beautiful; the clothes she is wearing also have connotation of being fashionable – they are stylish and show off her sexy body. What is considered to be sexy depends on a persons gender and sexual orientation; in Western culture, sexy suggest a woman is displaying herself for the male gaze and is therefore available.
The interesting part in photography presenting a woman in such a way make her powerful and in control, never think for a second that being defined sexually is a matter of opression, that may work for jealous females that can’t reach the level of beauty desired, instead a woman should always praize the beauty when she sees it and take it as a work of art.
Bein sexy is powerful and a woman is a sexual object only if she allows that to happen, she should always be in control.

To look good and feel good in your own skin means that you must know in your body, mind, and Spirit that you are called to be something greater than you ever imagined; that your very existence is magnificent and has been justly ordained for only you. You must believe in yourself, in your very own skin, flesh and bones that you are powerful, that you can rise against any principality, situation, and trial set before you. It is not enough to look good on the outside but also to be happy within.

Model: Ashley Fink
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