Freelancer Professional Model, New Jersey

It was a planned shoot, my friend Jim sent me an invitation back in July to meet this amazing model from NJ, funny thing is that we had been in contact with Nadine almost 5 years ago and finally I had the opportunity to shoot with her.

Nadine Theresa Stevens – Professional Freelancer Model

Nadine is 5’9″ has beautiful curly hair and a mixed ethnicity she reminds me a lot of my puertorriqueña friends, very pretty girl with a beautiful smile and impressive Blue eyes.
Nadine has profiles in Instagram, Model Mayhem, etc.
She has been modeling for the past 7 years,
She is 33 but she looks like 20.
She lives in Branchville NJ which is a borough in Sussex County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the borough’s population was 841,The borough is located in the northernmost region of Sussex County.

Branchville was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 9, 1898, from portions of Frankford Township. An additional portion of Frankford Township was annexed as of March 1, 1951

Nadine works as a freelancer model, you can hire her and she will travel to any location in the area, she is amazing to work with, very sweet person and really easy to command and pose, I had a few ideas of what I wanted with the mirrors and she did the rest with her beautiful and gracious posing and sexy look.

I have not been very active lately, I think in part is due to COVID-19 and the amount of other activities in the middle of my photography passion.

I have been very active in this new site more than half a million views of my pictures, mostly black and white work.
I really like the environment, it is mostly photographers or people related with art, I get really good reception and the way they created the site allow photographers to measure their achievments instantly, there are tons of metrics to evaluate how are you doing with your pictures and is people from all over the world, you can have some feedback and comments on the picture but most of the time is uplifting and positive.

Working with Nadine I found that I need to improve my communication, takes me a while to explain what I want to be done, things so simple like lay on your back or turn around from your left side and simple commands that can help me get the model to the position I need, if it was not for her ability to understand what I meant without me telling her, it would have been really difficult, I just need more practice with the commands to maneuver the model better.

This shot on the left was done with two circular neon lights at 3MI studio, by the middle of the shoot, one of the lights went off and that made it more complicated to manage.

Nadine Stevens – Professional Model

This was one of the mirror reflections that I have been working through the year, some sort of signature shot, she went on her knees and pushed slightly from the bed to tense the muscles and benefit the shot, the facial expression was awesome.

Nadine – Professional Model

I used some high-key on the pictures, I know how to use Photoshop and post-processing but I truly believe that a photographer has to do a better job at shooting so he don’t have to turn into a digital artist to get a good image of a model.

Nadine – Professional Model

Nadine has the same line of modeling as my friend Stevie Macaroni, a very creative model from Nashville that pretty much was my first model in the nudity concept of photography.
I will finalize this article praising Nadine.
She is an amazing model to work with, you will not get disappointed working with her, please try to find her on the information I provided above and book a photoshoot with this precious lady.

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