Kayla Kurnik, Professional Freelance model, Playboy Model Slovakia 2018

Experience working with her.

Kayla Kurnik Playboy Model
Kayla Kurnik – Professional Model

This photoshoot was planned for quite a while and I had the opportunity to do one-hour one-on-one with Kayla.
She is an amazing model and really easy to work with. Based on her experience, I didn’t know what to expect and she surprised me with her bubbly personality, beautiful features, well fit body, amazing figure, doll face, and these beautiful dark eyes that pierce through your lens.

To be honest, I had no plan, decided to do what I usually do which is a set of boudoir/nude on bed with artificial lights and 2 set of outfits and then nudity and it worked well, had 3 DSLR cameras to work with different lenses and two film cameras.

Issues with equipment.

My Rokinon 85mm decided to act up, I dropped a while ago and it locks and would not move for any reason.
I think it’s time to buy a new 85mm. Thank God a couple of taps release the lens and allowed me to finish the shoot, at least one roll of film after that one I switched to my Canon AE-1.

Met new photographers today, immediately after the one-on-one we had a group session with 15 minutes slots per photographer. I could stay till noon and had to head back home to continue with my day and regular work. I had a blast, the model performed just fantastic and the light was great for the shoot. Usually the outcome is very predictable when you put a gorgeous woman in front of the camera.

If you want to shoot with Kayla, you have to get in her traveling schedule. You can find her on instagram where you can track her schedule.

Our shoot started sharp at 10:00 AM, I decided to finish 10 minutes before. She needed to rest a bit before the next group.

Watching her work; is amazing how models can repeat a routine again and again for each photographer, keeping their smile and great mood. That is professionalism.

Kayla Kurnik Playboy Model
Kayla Kurnik

Working with Kayla Kurnik, Playboy Model.

Kayla is very delicate with her moves and she has very soft manners, classy, and at the same time powerful.

We communicated throughout the shoot, and she worked every pose like a champion. I’d rather let a model flow and catch what she delivers rather than start telling them what to do. That’s the beauty of working with experienced professional models.

Facial expressions, especially the acting ones are difficult to throw during the shoot. She presents a good amount of facial expressions that I could capture.

She enjoys music during work, I love to shoot listening to music. I can’t remember what type of music she likes but I can tell you she was dancing and flowing.

She has some tattoos, her left sidearm and part of her body have geometrical figures. Her right side is clear, and you can play with those two elements. If you are using high contrast on your black and white.


I don’t have preferences about tattoos, I shoot black and white. The more contrast the better. I have learned to accept tattoos especially on a beautiful woman.

Kayla Kurnik Playboy Model
Kayla Kurnik

Making a quick summary, I can say that the experience working with Kayla was spectacular. Reminds me one more time why I love photography, writing on the blog a quick article, makes me really happy.
You can find some of the best images in the image gallery at the bottom of this article.

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