Portrait Photography with professional freelancer model Shannon Prince.

Shannon Prince

I drove 6 hours from Virginia to the beautiful border with Tennessee and Georgia, a rental hired for a work shop and put together by my friend Johnnie Wellborn Sr. it was such an amazing event, several rooms and the house all for us to use for photography.

I offered myself to be the chef and prepared breakfast and dinner, arrived around 4, Shannon Prince was already in the house and I didn’t know, Johnnie arrived a few minutes later and we all sat at a big table to share ideas and get to know together, specially if you are going to be naked in front of a photographer, you want to know a little bit about him and what kind of work he does, same for the photographer with the model.

Shannon Prince

Shannon has this impressive look, she is tall and well formed with these amazing blue eyes on a dark long hair, pretty is not the right qualifier, Beautiful is the right word.

You start working with her and she starts unwinding her beauty and posing, she is amazing posing in the bed as she is standing, her makeup is spotless and she is a makeup artist too besides a model.

Initially she was listed as makeup artist but as soon as we had the opportunity to shoot, we engaged into real good work.

I took all these pictures with a Canon AE-1 and Ilford XP-5 black and white film, this film is ASA 400 so you can see the grain on all the pictures, however it’s the right kind of film and equipment to use when you are shooting somebody that requires all your attention.

Shannon was wearing a body I purchased online, it was a bit short for her size but she was comfortable wearing it, I am happy that we got the opportunity to work together and that I could capture these stunning pictures from such a beautiful woman.

Shannon Prince

I will definitely try to find Shannon again to shoot some interesting ideas I have for her.

If you are interested to work with her, you can reach her at her Facebook Page.

On her makeup-artist business she can be found also on Model Mayhem.

I will definitely look forward to work with her if I have the chance to visit Murfreesboro, TN.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

Coco Chanel.

The following is a large set of images captured with a DSLR camera, Canon 5D MarkII in full color and presenting the beauty of this precious freelancer model.

What makes an artistic nude that rises above the rest?
Naturally, that all lies in the eye of the beholder. To me, an artistic nude photograph has to evoke real emotions. It has to touch people personally and be more than a superficial depiction of a human body.

Same with implied nudity as in this case.

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