The Photographer and Freelancer Model, no kidding, Tricia is an excellent photographer and very creative in top of her modeling career.

Triciaa DeAnne – Freelancer Model

I was trying to find these shots in my database, for a while I thought I lost these beautiful shots of Tricia, she is a very experienced model and you can find some of her work on her Facebook page.

Stunning creativity, beautiful face and amazing posing are the takeaways as experience working with her.

This photoshoot happened was not planned and both converged at CatDog Studio in Richmond, you can find my name in the back of that door.

What fascinates you about the genre of nude art photography?

I’m fascinated by the presence of clear lines and forms because they create harmonic compositions. A more important aspect – by a long shot – is something else though: I love fragility, vulnerability, and the absence of a “protective cover.” This emphasizes the impression of intimacy and emotion even more strongly. I consider myself more of a portrait photographer than someone who does nude photography. The lack of clothes gives me a genuine look at the fragility and emotions.

What are the special challenges of nude photography?

It is not easy to depict an unclothed person favorably and also maintain a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. If you have any doubts as a photographer and are struggling with your camera settings, then there are too many challenges. The genre of nude photography has to be studied. I started out with landscapes and portraits before I approached nude or even partially nude photography. That way, I had enough time to completely internalize all the camera settings, lighting, composition, and interacting with models.

I didn’t have much conversation with Tricia, it was one of those events where al your concentration is dedicated to producing images and we did chat a little bit but mostly about the ongoing posing and look she wanted to achieve.

Her work is very stylish, she is an very good model to work with, and you can check the details about what she likes and what’s her trade as an artist and a model.

You can find Tricia at her Model Mayhem page and some samples of her work and size.

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