Friday Morning and I have a photoshoot with beautiful Willa Prescott, she traveled the night before to a studio near Martinsburg, for me this is 1 Hour 40 minutes drive but worth every minute when working with such high end models.

Willa Prescott

If you have been following my photography you now I can’t skip the mirror shot, it has a reason and let me explain you what I think.
You have an image that usually is filled with useless background regardless the bokeh you can achieve with your DOF, I decided to fill that background with image of he same model but using a mirror and here is what I got.

Regardless of which of he sides is your subject, one will get less attention than the other and that is up to you when shooting, to me makes total sense to use as much of the frame with the same subject, even if par of her will be the backdrop.

Normally all my pictures are processed in light room to add signature or just to make minor light adjustments, I find Lightroom a really easy tool to wok and fantastic results when comes to high quality photography.

Once I process the image I detach myself a couple of days to avoid bias towards one or other picture and the next thing I do is just wait, when I come back to the computer is clear what will stay and what has to go, no more bias.

Willa is an amazing model and very easy to connect and work with her.
Normally I am not too talkative but I told her the story of my life in 1 hour and a half that we worked together, her laugh is contagious, se has a very bubbly personality and she is very comfortable on her own skin.
Dedicated to her career, soon to be a professional, one more semester and I am sure she will end-up married to the love of her life, very happy for her!

Willa Prescott

The main theme was boudoir but as soon as we started doing nudity, we just lost sense of the time, next thing I know time was over and I am sure I will work with her again, she is just amazing.
For more information about Willa, you can find it on her website

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