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Bunny Luna – Professional Model

This photoshoot was at my friend’s Tony Aldridge in Nashville TN, Tony put together this workshop with some photographers from the area, I got introduced by my dear friend Johnnie Wellborn Sr. and it was a 15 minutes slots per photographer on 3 different models.

The Rush paid off, light was Paul Buff Bees on the ceiling, good trigger and good response, camera was fully charged and I was using my 70-200mm Tamron for the first time.

To me this was a complete new environment, never shot in a Rush before, and never achieved so many great pictures in such a small time frame.

The models were superb, Bunny Luna and Stevie Macaroni blew it up with their posing, seems they have art school in their belt, their moves and posing was typical of theater training, the drama on each turn and the position of their hands and body at every cycle of the flash.

Bunny Luna – Professional Model

In the following pictures you will be able to feel my comments and experience the joy of working with these experienced models.
The photoshoot took place April 2014, it was a nice warm Saturday Morning in Nashville.
That weekend, I had all my time planned around photography.

From definition, the nude, as a form of visual art that focuses on the unclothed human figure, is an enduring tradition in Western art.

It was a preoccupation of Ancient Greek art, and after a semi-dormant period in the Middle Ages returned to a central position with the Renaissance. Unclothed figures often also play a part in other types of art, such as history painting, including allegorical and religious art, portraiture, or the decorative arts.

From prehistory to the earliest civilizations, nude female figures are generally understood to be symbols of fertility or well-being of a healthy society.

With regard to the distinction between art and pornography, Kenneth Clark noted that sexuality was part of the attraction to the nude as a subject of art, stating “no nude, however abstract, should fail to arouse in the spectator some vestige of erotic feeling, even though it be only the faintest shadow—and if it does not do so it is bad art and false morals”. According to Clark, the explicit temple sculptures of tenth-century India “are great works of art because their eroticism is part of their whole philosophy”.

Great art can contain significant sexual content without being obscene

Kenneth Clark
Bunny Luna – Professional Model

I am picky when comes to frame a shot and in this case I can’t see the model limbs, however the facial expression is what I wanted in this shot, that breathing through the mouth makes it a very sexy shot.

Bunny Luna – Professional Model

Enjoy the images and if you want to book Miss Luna, you can find her on Model Mayhem.

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