Freelance Professional Model

Sierra has emerged as a freelance professional model, she decided to start her professional freelance adventure a couple of years ago. Since then it has been all grow and getting better, getting confident, and looking amazing.

Freelance Professional Model

She is 22 years ol, located in the Staunton area and actively working on her modeling. You can’t stop watching at her beautiful blue eyes, red head, great figure, amazing attitude and beautiful body.

Working history

We have been working on different aspects of photography for her portfolio and yesterday was a good day to invest some time in going further with the creation of new images.

This beautiful model is very selective with her work, she loves to read and lean new things, she is very creative when comes to photography and she loves to model.

It’s great to be part of the evolution of a person into a model, she was a shy girl, didn’t like her pictures taken and eventually she turned into a fantastic model, very confident of herself and moving forward with a plan of action.

Plan of action

For this photoshoot, we had 4 attires. Women Chemise Lace Smock Lingerie Mini Babydoll, Avidlove Lingerie Lace Babydoll 2 piece (Sexy bra and panty set in black), Sedrinuo long sleeve deep V neck club mini dress in black, and a sleepwear pajama dress stripped nightgown made of cotton.

The Location

Freelance Professional Model

The location was warm but not heated, we had a beautiful afternoon sun coming from the west hitting the side of the building.

My light was a single strobe with beauty large beauty dish. For this photoshoot I used 3 cameras, one 5D Mark II with a 70-200mm a T1i with a 28mm and Fujifilm with a 35mm.

This time I didn’t use any film, even though I had the camera and I had the time for some reason didn’t feel like using film. Maybe because I would not see those pictures till after New Year if I take them.


At the bottom of this post you will find a set of pictures in a gallery with the summary of what was the outcome of this photoshoot, personally I am very happy with the captures. She looks stunning and we will keep shooting in a very regular basis to build a complete portfolio.

Freelance Professional Model.

If you like the idea of “being your own boss” without a modeling agency, then freelance modeling may be for you.

“Freelance modeling” means that you are representing yourself.

You will be responsible for finding and booking your own work. You will be responsible for:

  • building your own portfolio
  • marketing yourself,
  • educating yourself about the modeling industry
  • networking
  • updating your resume

… and the list goes on.

Seems like a lot of hard work, right? Well, that may be true- but for many people, the flexibility and freedom of freelance modeling are more than worth the effort required! Upon achieving their first bit of success, that momentum propels many into experienced, well-known, and even full-time, professional models… all without any agency telling them what to do.


There are no actual physical ‘requirements’ to be a freelance model… but being highly-attractive with a toned body and a great smile is DEFINITELY going to help you along the way. Freelance models can work in as many fields of modeling as they would like. They can work as print models, promo models, commercial models, fitness models, glamour models, art models, catalog models, music videos models, magazine models, and much more.

There are plenty of opportunities for freelance models these days, especially with the help of the internet. It is just a matter of finding the work, having a great attitude, arriving early to every job, being reliable, respecting your coworkers, and making contacts within the industry as you go along. The more satisfied clients you impress with your professionalism, the more referrals you receive. These lead to more jobs… and the cycle continues.

More about Sierra

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