Tattoo Artist, Body Piercer, Freelancer Model.

It started with a very colorful yellow bandanna, “Asian Style”, she has a very peculiar look and she is hot at posing.

Hannah Elizabeth has one of those personalities that gets along with everybody, she is the mildest person I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with and always ready for action.

Our first work was at the Mills in Chattanooga Tennessee, this was a workshop organized by my friend Johnnie Wellborn Jr., we had 5 models and 4 photographers shooting during the weekend.

We had a blast and enjoyed creating images with Hannah, her creativity and attitude to work with the photographer are just amazing, made my life really easy and enjoyed working with her.

She is an American Freelancer model from Chinese descendance, based in Georgia, she has an amazing look and great shape.

I was reading something about Asian culture, specially Chinese and what they consider beautiful and this is what I found:
In China, the ideal shape for a woman’s face features a V-shape—a thin, small face with a delicate jawline that ends in a pointy chin, commonly called 鹅蛋脸, or goose egg face, because calling you egg-faced is the ultimate compliment. On the other hand, a square face is considered manly and attractive for men, let me tell you something.

“We have really different considerations for beautiful or attractive, as a man beautiful is not only symmetry but also lips, eyes, fat distribution, curves, boobs, a beautiful woman is a combinations of attributes, not just one.

Hannah Elizabeth – Professional Freelancer Model

Her dream is to become a Tattoo Artist and she loves body piercing, she is an apprentice at Helm Tattoo & Piercing in Oglethorpe, GA.
If you want to book her for a photoshoot, you can find her on her Instagram.

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