Getting there:

Her schedule was tight, the only opening early in the morning was 7AM-9AM. It was a 1 hour 40 minutes drive for me, but it was worth the effort.

Ashley Fink
Ashley Fink – Professional Model

I got issued a replacement debit card, mine got compromised during the holidays. Somebody tried to use my card and had to cancel it.

The replacement card did not arrived yet and is 8 days from the expiration date of the temporary card.

I was worried the card will get declined and not having money to pay the model or Studio.

Tried using the card at several gas stations, ended up wasting around 30 minutes of my trip. My guess Is that I was inserting the card wrong because this has the magnetic stripe only and no chip.

Yes that was the problem.

The last gas station at Bunker Hill, “BINGO” got the cash to pay the model and the studio. What a big relief, I ended up arriving 7 minutes late but we managed to shoot more than 1,000 pictures.

Ashley Fink
Ashley Fink – Professional Model

About to start

It was a cold morning, car temperature read 19F, road was empty and I had no issues getting there.
Ashley was ready, she arrived the night before and she stayed at the Studio. 3MI has lodging facilities for the models.

As soon as I arrived, greeted the model and fixed the lights.
Started with lingerie at the bed upstairs.
The light setting on the upper section has two artificial LED panels on the wall that mimic windows. That make the appearance of natural light and to light the model you have two artificial ring lights.


Josh has a bunch of strobes at the Studio, I needed some additional light Paul Buff Einstein’s upstairs. Had to compensate light and the strobe would help me with some dark spots not covered by the artificial light.

I wanted that soft glow on the body , creates great texture when shooting black and white, due to enhanced contrast.

As you can se in this image, strobe provides a blanket that at 1/60s is easy to see on the pictures.

First Time Implied

This was the first time I shoot implied nudes with Ashley. The deal is that none of the nude revealing photos would be posted on social media or the website. I am a man of my word, if I promise you something, it happens.
Besides that, there is no need to watch anything explicit with this model, she is just fantastic.

Ashley Fink
Ashley Fink – Professional Model

The plan for next photoshoot includes water and it will be one of these rain settings. Josh has it ready and has experimented with the setting many times.

I am renting studio space in Staunton VA which will have access to a bike shop. Expect a lot of pictures with Harleys and because I think there is a lot of beauty interacting with machines.

I can imagine Ashley wearing leather. Posing in one of these bikes. I always let the models decide what they do and how they feel about the shots. If they are happy, I m happy and images will be happy.

Her tattoos will come handy with those themes, there is plenty of creativity with her.

By the way if you are a photographer and want to be on Ashley’s schedule, she travels to the DMV area very often.

You can fix a time and date to shoot with her.

How to work with her?

I promise you will not regret working with his precious model, you can find her on Instagram , I have a previous article with her.

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