Precious Brittanie, this was a photoshoot prepared by famous photographer from TN, Johnnie Wellborn, the location was the smoky mountains and we have plenty of time and scenery to shoot, there were plenty of outdoor locations but I kept myself in the cabin.

Brittanie, an amateur model with an amazing look worked with me all afternoon and these are some of the pictures we got.
I don’t know if she is modeling now, most of the times freelancer models decide to switch career and leave modeling, however working with her was an amazing experience and good memories as well as good images remain.

The first part of the photoshoot was mostly boudoir, the first day we shot with different natural light in the cabin, at the swings, etc.
There was a beautiful bathtub which we didn’t end up using much but this is not the last time we are going to the smoky mountains for shure.

In these images she had a combination of matching underwear and upper body, she has a beautiful smile and killing blue eyes.

In this second picture you can see her full smile, she is playful and enjoying the session, there is a lot of communication flowing back and forth with each model, I had to leave early next morning back home and I had to take the most of my time with these models.
I didn’t take many pictures of Miss Brittanie but the few I took, were amazing shots.

There is a small gallery with several pictures of that photoshoot, I could not find any reference for her work online to advertise her work.

The other great thing about Brittanie is her communication, she can clearly let you know if she is comfortable with the shot or not, I could see a lot of potential in this young model, hope to have the another opportunity to work with her again, usually not traveling too much to TN but great to see all friends and people that I had the opportunity to work with, during these years.

Following you will see a gallery with the best pictures of this photoshoot.

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