I met miss Christina Rhodes in September 2014. I think I met her through Model Mayhem, after a short conversation we agreed on a photo shoot in Richmond.

It was a Hotel in Richmond, I don’t even remember which Hotel.

Christina Rhodes
Christina Rhodes – Professional Model

Christina is a young and beautiful model, she has redhead hair and very penetrating blue eyes. Crazy beautiful model and with great body shape.

In the first photo shoot, she was wearing a Lingerie.

That night her availability was short. She had only two hours and had to go back home, we finished fast.

She looked perfect in that image and she has a beautiful body. The bra worked as a corset presenting a better shape of her chest.

Creating images!

Creating good images requires hard work, she pretty much worked all the way through.

Christina Rhodes
Christina Rhodes – Professional Model

I shot with 3 strobes. I am happy with the resulting images.

In this image you can observe her well constructed body and how beautiful she is, the majority of the pictures show her arrogance and beauty.

Christina is one of the most beautiful models in my list.

The next image shows Christina on her back, I think the look is amazing.
I can’t stop looking at those beautiful and penetrating eyes.

Transitioning from one pose to the other, is not always easy. You have to change your look, and most of the time rearrange your posture.

She transitions very gracefully and it’s easy to watch these details when you are behind the camera, what else can you do but watch?

Back in the days

Many master photographers shot in black and white at the beginning of the century.

Color film wasn’t available.
In the middle of the century, photographers chose to shoot black and white, because it was the medium in which fine art photographers worked.

At the bottom of this article, you will find an image gallery with the best pictures captured on this photoshoot. Please enjoy!

Christina Rhodes

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