The Event

It was a summer afternoon, back in the days when 3MI was in Bunker Hill WV.

Jim Michaels, a seasoned photographer, asked if I wanted to shoot with 4 different models on a workshop. I was ready for the shoot and after paying my dues, drove directly to the studio.

Jennifer Lynn – Professional Model

The model

The first model of the group was Jennifer Lynn, we clicked immediately. I love to chat with the models while shooting, she was talking about her life and how difficult was for her to trust people.

She didn’t have a problem trusting me with her work. Jennifer is a very sweet person and a beautiful model, as she warms up she will present amazing posing to your camera.

This shot was taken with a Canon AE-1 and Ilford 35mm film.

I tool a bunch of pictures and most of them with 35mm film, you can fine them in the gallery at the bottom of this post. On this shot, I love the smirk on her face as she poses for the camera. Definitely fun to work with and very creative modeling.

Working parameters

The session was half boudoir and half modeling, I could capture a very good combination of shots. I was very pleased with the outcome of the entire photoshoot, I think I ended up with 3,000 shots.

Quantity means nothing, quality is the key, but having a lot to choose from help!

Jennifer Lynn – Professional Model

She has that playful smile and her eye contact with the camera is amazing. We had this white bear fur in the floor and decided to bring it to the bed for texture, worked great.

Jennifer Lynn – Professional Freelancer Model


I used a ABR-800 for most of this shots, I find the ring flash an amazing tool when comes to producing beautiful images, specially those with a lot of details.

While having our conversation, I asked her, how she does to keep that look. She said that when you’re exhausted or stressed out, it’s nearly impossible to feel sexy.

A good night’s sleep and five minutes of daily meditation can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself.

Learn to experience gratitude for your body, the booty that’s slowly growing from too many hours at the laptop is taking one for the team so you can earn a living.

The next time you look in the mirror naked, tell your body what you’re thankful for. This may sound hokey, but it helps.


From the photography perspective, I just make sure I not only comply with the basic rules of photography. I make sure I produce high quality and artistic images. Sometimes people thinks I use Black and White to hide imperfections, that’s not the case, I am a film photographer who loves portraits. My shots are inspired on the beauty of black and white Film, not using black and white for any other purpose.

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