Lexi Carter- Professional Model

About Lexi Carter:

I have been modelling for a few years and love the freedom and creativity that modelling brings.

One of my favorite things is collaborating with other artistic individuals in order to create something beautiful!

I graduated university with degrees in Social Work and Psych, and since then I’ve found myself in the modeling world. I am a confident and comfortable with who I am and my body. I’m always ready to learn and grow as a model.

I do my best to be as upfront and honest with my work, and I expect that others can do the same. I’m excited to network and create with more people and make some fantastic art!

You can find her contact for work at her Model Mayhem site, she is now living in Prague, Czech Republic.

First opportunity to shoot with Lexi, she drove down to Staunton, VA for this photoshoot. My immediate impression was, “Wow she is tall and beautiful”, the rest came out during the photo shoot. She is very down to earth individual, vey simplistic and creative with her posing in front of the camera. We covered mostly lingerie in a boudoir session and some topless shots with the mirror. Her beautiful face kept me focused on portraits.

Lexi Carter – Professional Model

For this occasion, the working scenery for the shoot was at my Friend’s Juan studio with natural light.

I am in the process of renting space to stablish my own Studio, however that will require time and dedication and at this point. it also will require me to focus completely into photography.

I like to strike a conversation with models while shooting, talking is one of the best psychological tools and allows them to relax, and allows me to drive the process. She mentioned traveling to the Czech Republic and I have been to Prague, which is one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Europe. I am glad Lexi is following her dreams and now she is enjoying her stay in Europe.

I am not planning on traveling to Europe anytime soon, due to the pandemic. However if she comes back home to visit, I will be more than happy to work with this amazing model.

You can follow Lexi’s work on her Instagram page.

At the bottom of this post, you will find a set of images, all those images were produced during this photoshoot. hope you enjoy them.

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