Rebecca Lawrence
Rebecca Lawrence – Professional Model

About Rebecca Lawrence:

If you are talking about perseverance and over achieving, that is Rebecca Lawrence. She is such an adorable person. You will feel that you worked with a real Pro.

This photoshoot was April 2019 at my friends Juan’s Studio in Staunton VA. The studio is retired school, big windows facing East so starting morning you get this great diffused light that works all afternoon until sunset.

The Shoot

It was a Spring sunny day and we had all the necessary equipment to take amazing pictures, she was ready to rock’ n roll. We started with some boudoir shots on a white contrasting bed. It evolved to tank tops and nudity.

It’s great to have a model with such a fit body , Rebecca is the best for these kinds of images. I remember our first photoshoot she didn’t like her weight and look and worked for this one. She even mentioned that to me at some point, what drove her to these dramatic changes and how good she is looking now. She feels great and has ton of work despite the limitations of the pandemic.

Rebecca Lawrence
Rebecca Lawrence – Professional Model

During photoshoots my verbal interaction with models, is just directives. Sometimes I have something in mind but they come with a different approach and I am just “Wow, keep going that is great” and that is the kind of work with Rebecca.
During one of the close photos taken with a Prime 85mm, she noticed that I was doing all the focusing manual. That is the way I can get amazing depth of field and focus specifically on what I want to enhance or capture.


She is very smart, knows photography really well and I will not be surprised if I see her as a photographer at some point. Photography is such an amazing art ,we photographers encourage to follow. Captures make the essence of time. Wherever memory fails, there is an image to remind us of every specific situation.

You can find Rebecca in different social media and Photography sites like Model Mayhem or Instagram.

As I said before, she is super professional and acts as such, continuously developing her dancing skills and rope hanging. These activities build strength and keep her in super fit shape.

Rebecca Lawrence
Rebecca Lawrence – Professional Model

Here a set of images from this photoshoot, hope you can enjoy.

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