Model : Tabatha Deuel

Tabatha Deuel Professional Model
Tabatha Deuel – Professional Model

I have a lot of good things to say about Tabatha Deuel, I will start with her discipline.

Young people don’t commit anymore, in general, they are lazy and expect everything to be a handout.

Tabatha is a tomboy, she works at an auto-part. She provides counsel and suggestions to customers on parts for their cars.

She is super independent and has purchased a couple of sport cars of her own, she loves to participate in shows and racetracks.

Working Together

We met a few years ago, introduced by my Russian friend and model Alina. Since then we have worked together, several times.

Tabatha Deuel Professional Model
Tabatha Deuel – Professional Model

Tabatha has a very photogenic face, she just looks amazing in pictures,those green eyes pop up on every shot.

This photoshoot happened at Juan’s Studio in Staunton, she traveled all the way from West Virginia.

She has been publicized in several magazines, I think she has a promising career doing modeling. She has the discipline to do it.

For 2021 I have planned to visit West Virginia and have a more aggressive photoshoot, I want to push her comfort zone.

She is comfortable doing boudoir but shy showing skin, we will try both.

She is a great model and you can find her images all over social media, she posts her latest pictures on Instagram.

You can also find her on Facebook and Model Mayhem.

What’s next?

Tabatha Deuel Professional Model
Tabatha Deuel – Professional Model

Planning a photoshoot is not easy, the most important part is the Studio, The location where you plan to shoot.

The rest falls into place as you start communicating. It is essential to know what are her boundaries, What she likes, and most importantly what she dislikes.

You want to make sure you clear that out of the way, that will help you focus on the work.

Also important the attires, make sure there is a good selection of attires for the work unless you are doing nudity.

Finally the Makeup, glossy lips, she has beautiful lips, make them glossy.

Tabatha is easy going, you explain what is required. She get’s it done.
I’ve worked with her probably 10 to 12 times and everytime has been perfect, she is definitely a great model.

As I do on every post, there is an image gallery at the bottom with the best shots from this photoshoot, I hope you enjoy watching the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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