It was end of winter at the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

I had an 85mm f/1.4 and some artificial lights on a stand, did not have a ND filter for the 85mm to use strobes otherwise I would have lost that amazing depth of field in the shots with the windows in the background.

Tiffany decided to come in front of my camera, I knew she was also a photographer which pushed me to do my best job, I did what I could on the framing, having a telephoto and limited space to go back and forth in the room.

She just showed me that beautiful smile, it was really great to work with her, is happened in a blink, she was ready to work with my friend Johnnie wellborne but I was ready to shoot and we took these images.

The biting of the lower lip and the penetrating eyes on this model gives her that special touch to make you concentrate in something else than her body, she is very good at posing and also her creativity when comes to mix clothes.

Staying confident about your body and personality will help you feel sexier as well as appear more attractive to others. As long as you dress in flattering clothes, act confident, and be yourself, you can be sexy and skinny all in one!
She is 100% confident and her look transpire that confidence, this was my first time shooting with her and I definitely adore the look and the posing.
Tiffany is an amazing model to work with, her body is delicate and sculptural, she is very creative, using absolutely anything around her to create amazing images, she has excellent contact with the camera and knows exactly how you are framing her on the shoot, most of these shots were DSLR, I did not have enough film to shoot 35mm with her, I am sure I will have another opportunity to work with her in the near future.
You can find her work at her Modelmayhem page.

At the bottom you will have the opportunity to see some of the best images produced during this photoshoot.

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