Adlee Ray, freelancer traveling professional.

Professional Traveling Model
Adlee Ray – Professional Traveling Model

One of the most prolific models in the state of Virginia. I wanted to meet a freelancer, and I found the real deal.

Adlee is beautiful, artistic, and super professional. When you have an idea, her next words are “Let’s do it!”

April 2018 I had my first opportunity to work with Adlee. We agreed on a Hotel and we settled for the shoot.
The hotel was crappy, I didn’t like it, but we did our work.

This model is a woman, note that there is a huge difference between a girl and a woman.

She has a very well defined body, and she is tall and sexy.

One of the things that impress me the most is her confidence because she knows her work really well.

The difference between others and Adlee is the fact that she knows, she is beautiful.

Easy to work with her, she is very good at listening to your ideas, and also creative enough to produce fixes on the flight.

Being a traveling professional model is hard because you miss your family and you want to spend most of your time with them. Adlee handles that really well.

Adlee Ray – Professional Traveling Model

She has an Italian look but I never asked her about the origins of her genealogy, I like to guess.

During this photoshoot, we had mostly nude pictures. I worried, there was no picture for the frontpage.

Adlee is very good at posing, her body can handle all sorts of positions as you can see in this shot.

You can find her work on Instagram, Facebook, Modelmayhem, she also has an Only Fans Page.

If you are a photographer, your best way to get on her book is via Instagram.

She is very responsive and has many options to work with you, including her home studio in Woodbridge VA.

Make sure you check the post about Erotic Photography with Adlee.

At the bottom of this article, I am sharing some of the best pictures of this photoshoot, hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoyed creating the images.

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