Jadelyn Powers, Professional Freelancer Model. Took us a while to coordinate our schedules with her, finally have a photography session.

Jadelyn Powers - Professional Freelancer Model
Jadelyn Powers – Professional Model

Jadelyn is 25, she is a beautiful girl with amazing light green eyes and a killing smile. She also has an amazing figure.

Planning for the photoshoot: I got together a few items a couple of weeks ago. I planned this photoshoot for Mid February but the Studio owner called the plans off.

There was recent snow, and impossible to get to the studio due to snow on the access road.

I believe that things happen for a reason, so we rescheduled and we finally could make it happen.

My Trip

My trip to Bunker Hill was without incidents. Takes me one hour and forty minutes each way with good traffic. Coming back was a different story. Around 2 PM traffic starts picking up, then is fender to fender with semis and idiots driving recklessly. Thank God I made it back safely.

I arrived on time despite the almost two hours trip. She was already there.

She brought an escort, I would recommend young models always to bring somebody with them, for security and protection.

I introduced myself and gave a brief explanation of the plan for the photo-shoot. I like to explain my purpose and what I plan to do with the pictures. Make sure I answer all the concerns the model could have.
I believe that the key to a good understanding is setting the right expectations. After that, we went straight to work.

Time to start

I gave her the attires and requested to wear the red cotton babydoll. We had previous communication and she mentioned her size, she wears small.
The attires fit well and she looks gorgeous.

Jadelyn Powers – Professional Model

Regardless of the experience of the model, the first round of shots they are always nervous. As the photoshoot evolves things start to settle down. I’ve noticed that models have a lot of emotions going on. At some point, you don’t know if the tears are happiness, sadness, or just too much light.

Jadelyn Powers - Professional Freelancer Model
Jadelyn Powers – Professional Model

After a few shots, she was like fish in the water. Happy, showing that fantastic smile and responding to my requests for posing and moving.
Jadelyn has a beautiful look, I know it has not been easy to get there, she put a lot of work on getting that look and here is the praice.

During this photo shoot besides modeling, I worked mostly on portraits.

I focused on using a shallow depth of field. To keep the attention of the shot on those beautiful green eyes.

These black and white pictures don’t allow you to see the details of the eyes.

After watching my scope of work. I am sure you all can use your imagination.

Just to mention, all the pictures in this article, are straight out of the camera. No digital modification to any of the shots.

the only thing done to the pictures is balancing light with lightroom

I used artificial light for this shoot. There is no question that the new LED continuous lights are helping a lot in the creation of great images.

If you are a photographer and have an interest in working with Jadelyn. You can contact her on her Instagram page, her rates are very affordable.

Setup Tips

Here some tips about the setup for this photoshoot:
First I set the location. This room is on the second floor. It has shallow ceilings, but great space for a bed and ingeniously placed LED square lights.

These square lights emulate windows, those two bring enough light to set the ambient and help your focusing. On top of the bed, the Studio has two riels with ring neon lights. I am not very happy working with the neons. This time I had access to an additional tool. One LED continuous light mounted on a softbox, gave us perfect catchlight on the shots.

Jadelyn Powers - Professional Model.
Jadelyn Powers – Professional Model

We had 5 attires to play with and all of them fit perfectly, she looks amazing.

Jadelyn Powers - Professional Model
Jadelyn Powers – Professional Model

Camera settings

I always carry my light meter, an old tradition from shooting film. Helps to get fast to the right settings, and play with them at the same time. It is a pain in the butt having to guess your light settings. The worst is using several shots to get to the right ones.

I’d rather use the right tools, and get to my settings immediately rather than testing trial and error.

Doing this, not only looks professional, but it’s the righ way to handle light.

Settings were 1/125 and f/4.0 with 200 of ISO, I don’t like to go beyond 400, due to artifacts with Canon or with Nikon.

Speaking about cameras; You can get some of the new cameras Fujifilm or Sony with a ton of low light technology and ISO ranging up to 64000 or more.], but better get the light right instead of introducing artifacts to your pictures.

I could have chosen strobes for this shot but for some reason, I felt really good with the continuous light.
I used a tripod to mount an old 70-200mm. This helped me with the shaking, I will post one color picture from that set with the telephoto.

Here, the color shot. I used the tripod and the continuous light.

Jadelyn Powers-Professional Model
Jadelyn Powers – Professional Model

Shooting Boudoir

When shooting boudoir, as a photographer I prefer to isolate my subject with a shallow depth of field.

That way any distraction fades away with the bokeh. The rest is a combination of colors and light.
As you can see in this shot. Even the little purple gem on the belly piercing pops up under the continuous light.

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