Katharine Elizaa is one of those amazing models showing up from time to time at 3MI.
My friend Josh Triggs called and said he had a top model coming to the studio.
He had prepared a workshop on meet point and people started signing in.

The next pictures speak for themselves about the outcome.

The Model

Katharine Elizaa

Her name is Katharine Elizaa, she drove all the way from Connecticut to shoot with us in West Virginia.

Needless to say but I have high respect for traveling Models, it is a big effort to be driving around the country meeting photographers, and make a living.

Katharine has a bubbly personality, she goes along really well with everybody, and has excellent communication with photographers.

Personally, the thing I love her attitude.

I planned a session with Beautiful Nadine Stevens around 11 AM but thanks to Josh, he accommodated for me to shoot with Katharine at 2 PM.

The workshop was scheduled for 3 PM so we had plenty of time to work on our images.

After a brief introduction and selecting the attires with colors to wear, I went upstairs to prepare my equipment and lights.
You can follow Katharine on Instagram.

The Studio

Josh Studio is well prepared with lights, strobes, and different sets for shooting.
He allows me to use all his equipment which I treat with a lot of respect.

As part of my preparation planning, I checked on Katharine’s portfolio beforehand and I was very happy with the looks, she is precious and I have a quote about precious models:

There is no way to take a bad picture of a beautiful woman!

Katharine Elizaa

Scope of work

We started with Lingerie and left the last 20 minutes of the hour for Nudity.
Time went by really fast and there was a lot to capture, I think I ran around 1,200 pictures in an hour.

I don’t measure my work by the number of pictures taken but by the quality, and I am definitely happy with the quality.

This work was a combination of DSLR and Film. Some of the shots were prepared in color but most of it B&W.

On the next tab you will have the opportunity to see some of the most relevant pictures taken during this session and I hope you enjoy them.


  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Nikon 35mm F5
  • Fujifilm X-Pro 1.
  • 32mm Tuit Lens
  • Tamron 70-200mm
  • Super Takumar 50mm
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