You don’t need big elaborate sets or a large studio to shoot sensuous, cinematic boudoir photos. I will show you three techniques to capture beautiful boudoir images in a small room while working with Stevie Macaroni.

Stevie Macaroni

This was a very small hotel to shoot in and was hard for my 50mm to capture everything I wanted to when taking pictures. These are three of the techniques or tips that I use when I have to take pictures in a small space like this. Shooting from above or below changes the perspective of the picture, adds another dimension to the room. Shooting through something or using something as a foreground object adds depth to your portraits.

Pay attention to details in photos is a great way to upsell in an album.

If you have ever been to New York City, something you know is the hotel rooms in the city can be really, really tiny.

A lot of people are shooting in these smaller spaces, this is what I use when I do have to shoot in small spaces.

  • Shoot from different heights.
  • Switch from 50mm to 35mm.
  • Add depth to space.
  • Shoot details like reflections.
Stevie Macaroni
Stevie Macaroni

You can see her facial expressions, she is totally into it. Not only the scene, the dramatism, the love and passion she puts on every part of her acting.

This Photoshoot was 2014, small studio in Nashville TN, the workshop was set by Tony Aldridge and there were three models.
Photographers had a 15 minutes window each and it was my first time shooting in that mode, I did what I could and I think It was not bad.

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