May 2021 photos with Traveling Model Nadine Stevens. (Check Image Gallery)

Thanks to my friend Jim who coordinated her visit to 3MI Photography, I could sync again with Nadine Stevens.
She just started her new travel schedule and had plans to shoot everywhere in the North East of the Country. This time her trips seem to be ending on the West Coast.

Traveling Model Nadine Stevens
Nadine Stevens

Few women are able to manage the difficult road of the traveling model. They book their own jobs, bring their own clothes, and do their own hair and make-up.
The traveling models are not what one would expect.  These women are smart and savvy.  They know how to be professionals in a world that isn’t always professional, they are always taking Care of Business and in a world where trust is the question, they each have their own ways of staying safe.

Traveling Models

Working with different models specially traveling ones is a simple task, you prepare your Release documentation and share it with the model, it’s a secure way of producing images.
Usually taking advantage of a Meetup setting where you can book with a model without having to pay for her accommodations, you are going to be one of many photographers she will meet that day.
Traveling models usually spend one or two days at a location. Most studios have facilities that allow them to stay, other models use Air B&B or friends assistance.

Models have a network of supportive friends that help them do their job and have fun in the process.

Traveling Model Nadine Stevens
Nadine Stevens

The plan with traveling model Nadine Stevens!

The first time you work with a model is like an empty book without a word, you have to start writing in it.
Same happens the first time you shoot with a model, you get to know her angles, what she likes, and specially what she doesn’t like.

My plan for this photoshoot was to take extra time on details that I didn’t cover during our first photo shoot.
Most models are very hard with self-criticism, I work images not with a specific shape but the appeal. To me, the creation of images is based on emotional responses from the model to the shooting process.

What I am trying to say is that I didn’t come with a plan.

Traveling Mode Nadine Stevens
Nadine Stevens

The look!

Nadine has this vintage look, beautiful light blue eyes, curly black hair, and solid bone structure, most of my work with her is black and white.

3MI offers a variety of areas to shoot, with different and creative elements. For me, the most creative element is the bed and the surroundings.

We chose 3 attires, white, black and the bottom of a turquoise one.
The rest was implied and nudity.

I love her earrings, those earrings adorn her face and pair up with that beautiful smile she has.

Artistic Nudity

Whereas boudoir photography captures your spirit, your feminine power, fine art nude photography is about the natural beauty of the human body. Because your personality is not the focus, these abstracted images focus on the form and shape of your body. Fine art nude prints are incredibly tasteful and can be proudly displayed in your home.

Nadine Stevens Traveling Model
Nadine Stevens

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