Sam Mathias on her own words during an interview for Intermodelo, she said:

Sam Mathias

I started modeling when I was very young and took a few breaks in between but now I am completely focused on growing my career.

Was born in Tampa, Fl native and I absolutely love the beach.

Feel very blessed to grow up in this state with a loving family!

I have four sisters and grew up on a farm of animals, so I became quite an animal lover!.

My friends are family, I love meeting new people and creating new friendships!

Interview Glamour Model Sam Mathias
Please describe your personality, Sam:

Very outgoing, spontaneous, adventurous, thrill-driven, and very kind.

What are you passionate about?

Traveling and filming all around the world. Meeting new people and learning from different cultures!

Sam, what are your Hobbies?

Model, acting, painting, collecting comic books, playing video games, and traveling the world to create new friendships!

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising:

I am a tomboy at heart, I may be modeling for years but once someone gets to know me…I am a very down-to-earth, fun lady!

Sam Mathias

Things you Like:

Traveling, camping, cooking, reading, animals, working out, comic books, video games, craft beer, surfing, going to the beach!

Things you DisLike:

Spicy food, big egos, impatience, pop music, sunburns, cold weather, reality TV

Photographer experience:

I was really impressed with her beauty, she has a pair of piercing brown eyes that can scan your soul.
Sam has a great predisposition to work and it is a pleasure working with her, creative, beautiful, and gracious at the same time.
We shot twice and both times at 3MI in West Virginia.

Sam Mathias


Model Details:
Height: ‘5″7
Bust & Cup36 C
Waist: 25
Hips: 30
Instagram: @miss_samantha_mathias


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